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Poetry on demand at UCLA (with typewriters)

Sebastian Hernandez/UCLA
A moment with Poetry Bureau presented by the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA.

A click, a clack…. hooray
Typewriters unleashed at CAP UCLA

David Sedaris fans gathered, an annual tradition
And Royce Hall was filled with his wit and wry wisdom

Outside...upon arriving
Amused and delighted
Visitors found
….a Poetry Bureau thriving

They gathered and swarmed to see what was a clatter
They wandered and wondered at the heart of the matter

What’s this? They would query
And how much for a verse?

Why... it’s a gift, was the reply
We’ll write one swiftly (and likely quite terse)

Share a brief note, a dream or a thought
And the poets on hand whip it up on the spot.

Celebrating language, ideas and abstraction
The CAP UCLA Poetry Bureau is an annual attraction.

More art and performance will soon be in view
A new season to be revealed May 19 is for you.

Don’t miss a syllable, a chord or a note
And enjoy this story in poetic form (we hope).

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