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Sound Bites


Kris Kasianovitz, librarian at Charles E. Young Research Library

It would be great to see something done about homelessness in Los Angeles. There's the whole issue of dumping the homeless from various cities downtown, and some sort of resolution for services and housing for our homeless population should be achieved. I would also love to see all schools in L.A. County have equal access to resources.

Dominic Thomas, chair, Department of French and Francophone Studies

As the French go to the polls this spring, I can only hope that they will refrain from exercising the kind of electoral irresponsibility that allowed the extreme right-wing racist leader of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, to make it through to the second round runoff in 2002. As France continues to struggle with its colonial legacy, the importance of addressing the opportunities and rights of ethnic minorities has never been greater.

Mannik Sakayan, assistant director of federal relations, Government and Community Relations

We must move beyond the rhetoric and act without further delay to put an end to the daily brutality, rape and murder of the people of Darfur; facilitate a meaningful and lasting peace, pay homage to the victims and preserve the dignity of the survivors. By exerting real pressure on the government of Sudan and holding it accountable, we will also send a message to past and future perpetrators that genocide is not tolerated.

Ellisone Punzalan, second-year life sciences major

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is trying to increase student fees, saying it's going to help California, but that's going to affect students. He's also trying to take away the pension of nurses — and that's another burden on me because both my parents are nurses. I'm pretty certain the California Nurses Association will try to recall Arnold if he continues to behave as he did in the past four years.
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