This story originally appeared in UCLA Today, a discontinued publication.

The best of 2012

iStock 000018665103XSmallFrom the White House to Stockholm’s concert hall to the iconic arena where John Wooden once reigned supreme came indelible moments that made our chests swell with pride and marked 2012 as an outstanding year for UCLA.
The collective efforts of faculty, staff, students and supporters — from north to south campus and beyond — produced many such eight-clap moments. The fact that they all occurred in one short year seems extraordinary.
For this unofficial year in review, we look back on 12 noteworthy moments and achievements that kept UCLA moving forward and upward and highlight them here in a slideshow. Enjoy this glance back as we also look forward to the opportunities waiting for Bruins in 2013.
To see 12 highlights of 2012, click here.
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