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Thousands of students start their UCLA careers

UCLA sprang noisily to life Monday after more than 10,000 students moved onto campus over the weekend for the start of the school year.
Chancellor Gene Block greeted the campus's incoming Bruins — about 5,900 freshman and 3,200 new transfers — at a new student welcome and barbecue in Drake Stadium Monday afternoon. Though classes don't begin until Thursday, an estimated 6,000-plus students filled the stands.
"I now officially pronounce you all to be Bruins," Block said.
The assembled students came from 38 states and 54 countries around the world, Block noted.
"Some of you arrive just months after high school graduation," he said. "Some of you are coming from other colleges, some of you are from the military, some of you are from the workforce. All of you have traveled your own distinct path."
Today, he said, those paths unite at UCLA, which already counts 400,000 alumni. This year's freshman class boasts an average weighted GPA above a 4.2 and a composite SAT score around 2,000.
"You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from faculty members who are the best in the world," Block continued. "And remember, this is important: Learning is not restricted to your coursework. Some of the most important lessons in the coming years are learned outside the classroom."
One of those real-world experiences comes Tuesday, when an estimated 6,800 new students will volunteer at schools, parks, homeless shelters and other sites across Los Angeles during UCLA's annual Volunteer Day.
"Bruins are passionate, engaged citizens," Block said. "Serving the public good is one of UCLA's core missions ... Year after year, the majority of Bruins participate in community service, as you will tomorrow."
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