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UC expands online classes to help high school students become UC- and CSU-eligible

With the help of UCLA, UC Berkeley and others, new online college prep courses are being developed by the University of California so that high schools can offer their students innovative, state-approved online courses that help them meet UC and CSU admissions requirements.

University of California College Prep (UCCP), a statewide program, recently began production of six new multimedia courses to add to its catalog of 18learning courses. All UC College Prep courses are available to California schools at no cost. Since 1999, UCCP has developed and distributed 18 courses UCCP licenses courses to California schools and freely posts its course content at this website for learners to use worldwide.

So far, thousands of students in underserved schools have completed UCCP's AP and other "a-g" courses, achieved success on AP exams, and advanced toward college eligibility. Roughly 76 percent of UC College Prep participants overall and 68 percent of underrepresented students in the cohorts enrolled in a two- or four-year college the year following high school graduation.

This year UCCP is producing new ground-breaking courses with UC colleagues and expert course developers:
• AP Computer Science A (with UC Berkeley)
• AP Statistics (with UCLA and UC Berkeley)
• Statistics (with UCLA and UC Berkeley)
• Pre-Algebra (with Words & Numbers)
• Algebra 2 (with Words & Numbers)
• Pre-Calculus (with Words & Numbers)

To build this next generation of courses, the UCCP production team will apply the latest technologies while leveraging UC faculty and program resources for K-12 use. The goal is to make courses that students want to use by aligning content to student lifestyles, learning styles and commonly used devices. The new wave of courses will be finished, tested and ready for use by California high schools in 2010.

Faculty from UCLA and UC Berkeley will help in the development of AP Statistics, a project led by UCLA's Center for Digital Innovation. A unique aspect of this project is the integration of an open textbook, Collaborative Statistics, created by Susan Dean and Barbara Illowsky, faculty from Foothill-De Anza Community College District, and made available through the Maxfield Foundation and Connexions, a project of Rice University in Houston.

By fall 2009, students will have access -- by school licensing and the Web -- to pre-algebra through AP Calculus BC, including Calculus and Algebra in Spanish, thanks to partners in Mexico -- the University of Guadalajara and La Corporacin Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet 2 .
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