This story originally appeared in UCLA Today, a discontinued publication.

UCLA clears up confusion over email sent to wait-listed students

On April 7 and 8, the UCLA Financial Aid Office sent an email to 894 students wait-listed for admission to the university that inadvertently suggested they had been admitted. The email was intended to notify both admitted and wait-listed students that their estimated grant aid had been increased, but it concluded with language congratulating both groups on their admission to UCLA.
Although the email included a link to a revised Provisional Award Letter that made it clear that wait-listed students were still on the wait-list, the error was confusing for a number of these students who were eager to hear about their admission status.
On Monday, April 9, campus administrators realized a mistake had been made, and they sent out an email the same day clarifying the error. This second email made it clear that the intent of the original communication was only to notify students of changes in their estimated financial aid awards and was not an update on their admission status.
UCLA has not yet accepted any students on the wait-list. Decisions on wait-listed students will be made after May 1, and the UCLA Admissions Office will communicate with students directly in this regard.
UCLA is aware that this is a particularly anxious time for students and their families and has apologized to students and parents who may have been led to believe they were admitted rather than still on the wait-list.
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