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UCLA Live now Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA

The UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture today announces the creation of the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA (CAP UCLA), an evolution from UCLA Live. The public performance arm of the university, CAP UCLA launches with a new visual identity, new community collaborations and artist initiatives, and a 2012–13 season that returns international theater to the program. 
New logoFull details of the CAP UCLA inaugural season, curated by executive and artistic director Kristy Edmunds, will be announced Tuesday, May 22. 
The name change highlights the center's reinvigorated commitment to supporting the creation and presentation of works by contemporary artists in theater, dance, music and spoken word, building on UCLA's long history of performing arts presentation. CAP UCLA will open new avenues for collaboration, presentation and contextualization that will advance the work of international, national and local artists and more deeply connect their vision to the Los Angeles community. 
Key CAP UCLA initiatives include artist fellowship and residency programs, extended collaborations with campus and Los Angeles arts organizations, a cohesive embrace of the K–12 arts education program Design for Sharing, new and widespread campus initiatives, and greater audience interactions within the center.
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