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UCLA News|Week: Avian love dance

A small male bird called a golden-collared manakin performs a difficult, elaborate, physically demanding — and simply amazing — courtship dance to catch the eye of females. This time on UCLA News|Week, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Barney Schlinger and doctoral candidate Julia Barske discuss their breakthrough research on the bird found in the rainforests of Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia. Read about the study.
Also in News|Week, two graduating seniors who overcame serious obstacles to receive their diplomas visit the UCLA Broadcast Studio. Yannina Casillas survived a gunshot wound in high school before she was accepted at UCLA, and Imelda Plascencia talks about the difficulty of scraping together enough money to attend classes as an undocumented student.
In brief: the success of the antiretroviral drug Truvada in reducing the risk of becoming infected with HIV.
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