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UCLA News | Week: Powering electric vehicles wirelessly

The latest UCLA News|Week is up:
  • Addressing the challenges of future electric-vehicle demand on the power grid, UCLA Engineering professor Rajit Gadh and his research team at UCLA's Electric Vehicle–Smart Grid Living Lab unveil groundbreaking technologies that can balance EV power demands remotely using wireless mobile technology.
  • UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center scientists studying drug resistance in melanoma patients find that the right combinations of small molecules can block the cancer from using alternate signaling pathways, allowing drugs to work more effectively and extend lives. 
  • A forward-thinking youth outreach program at UCLA's Center for Embedded Networked Sensing lets underrepresented high school students build their own cell phone apps.
  • A new study by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research looks at how high concentrations of junk food outlets in California neighborhoods affect teens' consumption of fast food and soda.
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