schwartz-kent-smThe UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television warmly welcomed more than 400 guests to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, with a reception, co-hosted with a leading entertainment news website, The Wrap. Dean Teri Schwartz (left) and Phil Kent, Turner Broadcast Systems CEO and a member of TFT's Executive Board, were on hand. "This year’s reception was dedicated to TFT’s remarkable alumni, who continue to inspire us with their humanistic approach to storytelling, with many of their films shown at this year’s festival," Schwartz said. "A record number of TFT students traveled to Park City this year, as a direct result of our latest strategic efforts to provide fresh opportunities and special workshops, in addition to adding newly created classes solely focused on festivals." The Wrap also joined TFT in hosting a panel discussion, "How to Make and Sell Your Independent Film in the Digital Age."