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Verbatim — ADHD, stem cells and continuing education

UCLA faculty members are quoted every day in the national media on a wide range of subjects. Here is a recent selection.
“It was at least the catalyst for some very interesting discussion and developments.”
Terence Tao, professor of mathematics who holds the James and Carol Collins Chair in the UCLA College of Letters and Science, said on Aug. 20 in a New Scientist article. Tao referred to a proposed math proof of a “P versus NP” problem that struck up a flood of online discussions via blogs and wikis.
“The medication only works while you're taking it. The benefits of CBT are that the patients in the study were learning techniques that they can use lifelong."
John Piacentini, professor-in-residence of psychiatry and director of UCLA's Childhood OCD, Anxiety and Tic Disorders Program, said on Aug. 24 in Reuters about how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) could potentially help adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). CBT helps people break down overwhelming problems into manageable steps and encourages people to evaluate negative emotions when approaching situations.
“What about the people who now have a reduced chance of a cure for their disease that might have come from embryonic-stem-cell research?”
Russell Korobkin, UCLA professor of law, said on Aug. 25 in a Time article. A federal judge issued an injunction to prohibit federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research though the Obama Administration announced that it would appeal the injunction.
“Look at trends in your field. Look at your current skills and what do you need to augment your skills to make you more relevant and more attractive in your field.”
Cathy Sandeen, dean of UCLA Extension, commented on Aug. 25 in a New York Times article. Sandeen commented on adult continuing education in this challenging economy. If people want jobs, said Sandeen, they will focus on current and practical skills that employers are in need of at the moment.
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