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Verbatim — racial stereotypes, California's budget crisis, free speech, nudity, lupus and marijuana

UCLA faculty are quoted every day in the national media on a wide range of topical subjects. Here is a recent selection:
Phil Goff"It's not any individual's fault that they are exposed to them (stereotypes of blacks that are violent and criminal). ... But once your brain starts down that pathway, you have to do some work to unlearn that."
— Phil Goff, a professor of social psychology, was quoted in a July 28 Washington Post article on the controversy surrounding the arrest of Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Daniel J.B. Mitchell"We keep squeezing and chopping away, but each year we're incurring debt in one way or another for each time we run through this cycle. This budget proposal did kick the can down the alley. ... There's all kinds of de facto borrowing built into this, and borrowing means you take the money now and pay it later."

— Daniel J.B. Mitchell, emeritus professor of public policy in the School of Public Affairs, was quoted in a July 22 Agence France-Presse article about California’s worsening budget crisis.

Eugene Volokh2“The existence of an option to rent a stall doesn’t let the city take away a group’s right to leaflet. Leafleting can reach a broader audience than the stall can, since leafleters can walk around”
— Eugene Volokh, law professor, was quoted in a July 21 FOX News Online article about a lawsuit in Dearborn, Mich., in which an evangelical group claims that its right to free speech was violated when its efforts to distribute its literature was stymied.

Vivian Sobchack"It's also a way of reinventing oneself and reviving a career. It's an assertion of 'I'm still viable, I'm still here, damn it, I'm still erotic and I still have sex appeal.'"
— Vivian Sobchack, a film professor, was quoted in a July 21 ABC News online article about the different reasons certain actresses wait until they have reached the age of 40 to appear in nude on screen.

Daniel Wallace"The fact that they could taper off steroids in the drug group really speaks well for the drug. They keep getting better and better. This is going to be a major breakthrough, no question about it."
— Dr. Daniel Wallace, clinical professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine, was quoted in a July 21 Los Angeles Times article regarding breakthroughs in medication to treat the auto-immune disorder, lupus.

Matthew Torrington“I see people every day dying from alcohol, stimulants and opiates. Marijuana may be an up-and-comer. It may be transforming into something that will become a bigger problem in the future, but at the moment I don’t see that.”

— Dr. Matthew A. Torrington, clinical researcher, was quoted in a July 17 New York Times article on the addictive nature of marijuana and the harmful long-term effects it can have on its abusers.

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