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Verbatim — Honesty pays, drinking with your teens, finding bin Laden

UCLA faculty members are quoted every day in the media on a wide range of topical subjects. Here are some of their recent comments.
Schlomo Benartzi"From a behavioral standpoint, it’s really better for your credibility if you’re honest. If you don’t take credit when the market rises, for example, you may not have to take responsibility when it goes down."
— Professor Shlomo Benartzi at the Anderson School of Management, in a May 2 New York Times story about his study suggesting that candor and honesty will help financial advisers earn the trust and loyalty of clients better than bluster and self-congratulation.
"I think it's a mixed bag. ... We're never safe. The question is, are we moving in the right direction? The answer is yes, but we have a long way to go."
Amy Zegart, an associate professor at UCLA's School of Public Affairs, on CNN May 2, in response to a question on whether we are safer today than it was before 9/11. Zegart served on the National Security Council under President Bill Clinton in 1993.
"I got that all the time. 'Man, he's living in a cave.' I just gave up trying to talk people out of it. But have you ever tried living in a cave? It's just crazy."
— Associate Professor of Geography Thomas Gillespie, quoted May 4 in USA Today on people who questioned the findings of his 2009 study predicting that Osama bin Laden was not hiding in a cave but in a protected compound. Conducted with Professor of Georgraphy John Agnew and five students, the study proved accurate in this and other details, and came close to pinpointing the terrorist’s whereabouts.
mary oconnor"There are people I know who are very responsible parents in many ways who think that this is part of being a responsible parent. … We know from both animal and human studies that alcohol affects brain development … The teenage brain is much more vulnerable to begin with."
Mary O’Connor, adjunct professor of psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, commenting in an April 29 MSNBC article about a study suggesting that teens who drink with adult supervision are more likely to develop problems with alcohol than those who are not allowed to drink until they are 21.
Helen Lavretsky"The people I'm dealing with are struggling to find employment. Employment for them is nearly impossible … I anticipate many more people suffering from depression, anxiety and from that, more cognitive problems."
— Geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Helen Lavretsky, a professor at the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, commenting in the April 29 Ventura County Star about the potential effects of a proposed plan  to raise the national retirement age, linked to Social Security benefits, to as high as 70. 
lee ohanian"The McCourts were in over their heads from the start. They're the people who took out the 120 percent mortgage. Like a lot of (such) people, they're losing the deed to the house."
Lee Ohanian, professor of economics and vice chair of undergraduate studies for the UCLA Department of Economics, quoted April 21 in a Los Angeles Daily News article about Major League Baseball seizing control of the financially troubled Los Angeles Dodgers.
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