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Verbatim — Romney’s money, negative relationships and gambling in the new year

UCLA faculty members are quoted every day in the national media on a wide range of topical subjects. Here is a recent selection.

Bank“It doesn't bother me in theory, but it suggests something about his view of the tax code or his diversification or his confidence in the U.S. If the president doesn't have confidence in the U.S., how can everybody else?" 
— Steven Bank, professor and vice dean at the UCLA School of Law, commenting in a Jan. 24 Los Angeles Times article about Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s recently released tax returns, which revealed a substantial number of investments overseas. 

Wu“Women take [pain] in a lot more and for longer periods of time, so when it does accumulate, it may seem like … their pain is so much more severe than men’s pain is.”

— Dr. Irene Wu, UCLA assistant clinical professor of anesthesiology, in a Jan. 24 Daily Mail (U.K.) story about research concluding that, across a range of physiological conditions, women typically experience more pain than men.  

Shprits"After such a long time the sun is waking up, and it’s big news.”

— Yuri Shprits, an associate researcher in the UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, in a Jan. 25 Boston Herald piece about the unusually active aurora borealis happening this week in Alaska. 

Clarke"We saw that the life extension was entirely due to the ethanol … How could a typical solvent diluted 1,000-fold have this profound effect?”

— Steven Clarke, UCLA professor of chemistry and biochemistry, in a Jan. 25 column at about his discovery that tiny amounts of ethanol, the substance found in most alcoholic beverages, more than doubles the life span of certain small, bacteria-eating worms.  

Taylor"What this tells me is that people should be investing in socially supportive relationships, and they should not court relationships that lead to a great deal of conflict."

— Shelley E. Taylor, UCLA distinguished professor of psychology, in a USA Today story published Jan. 24 about Taylor’s research on the impact that negative interactions with others have on immunity and health.
Vavreck“The state of the nation's economy and the slow recovery make the context across states similar and important."

— Lynn Vavreck, associate professor of political science, commenting on Jan. 20 on NPR about whether regionalism will have an impact on the Republican presidential nomination.   

Fong"It's much more driven by [the idea that] things are predetermined. It's kind of, well, this is our opportunity to almost test the fates, test our luck as to what's in store for us for the next coming year."

— Dr. Timothy Fong, associate professor of psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, commenting in a Jan. 26 Associated Press piece about the role of gambling in Chinese New Year celebrations. 
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