This story originally appeared in UCLA Today, a discontinued publication.

Yudof proposes 8 percent fee increase, changes to pension system

University of California President Mark Yudof proposed an 8 percent increase in UC student fees on Monday to help maintain the university's excellence. The increase would take effect in fall 2011.
A third of all fees will continue to pay for financial aid, Yudof said. If the increase is approved by the UC Board of Regents next week, it would allow the university to expand its Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan, a financial aid promise that UC students from families earning below $70,000 annually can attend tuition-free. Funds from the fee increase would protect middle-class families by raising that amount to $80,000 and by paying for the first year of the tuition increase for all students from families making less than $120,000, Yudof said. State support per student has declined by roughly half in the past two decades, he added.
"The decision with all these proposals ultimately rests with the Board of Regents, but I believe that they represent measures needed to keep the University of California on course," he said. "These won't be the last tough decisions the university will face." 
Yudof is also proposing changes to the Regents to rein in the costs of post-employment benefits.
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