Oroville Dam crisis could be sign of things to come

Professor Alex Hall’s research shows that, as temperatures warm in the Sierra Nevada, a deluge could overwhelm California’s patchwork network of dams and reservoirs that currently supplies 60 percent of the state's water.

Chilling climate revelations from the last ice age

New research shows that a collapse of an ice sheet 14,000 years ago in what is now western Canada triggered a reorganization of the jet stream in a century — a geological blink of an eye.

Finding climate answers through a Sierra Nevada haze

UCLA scientists are studying the Sierra Nevada's climate future using a technique to create simulations to predict outcomes under different circumstances and help them understand the physical reasons for the projected changes.

Bending the curve on climate change

UCLA environmental professors Magali Delmas and Susanna Hecht are among the climate experts, politicians and industry leaders gathering in San Diego today for a University of California climate change summit.

Can we engineer our way out of the drought?

At a "Thinking L.A." event co-hosted by UCLA and Zócalo, four panelists discussed the importance and difficulty of implementing desalination plants, water-recycling facilities and other tools to help California make better use of its water resources.

L.A. County gets C+ from UCLA on environmental issues

Despite progress, dirty air and water are just the beginning of the region's environmental troubles. The findings, which are believed to be the most comprehensive environmental report card for any region in the nation, show the county needs tutoring to bring up its grades.

Improving customer access to energy data can cut costs, protect environment

Expanding customer access to energy data can bring cleaner, more efficient power to Californians, save money and boost emerging clean technologies, according to a new report by the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative, a partnership between UCLA and UC Berkeley schools of law.

UCLA projects to improve L.A. by 2050 vie for online votes

Six proposals led primarily by UCLA units are vying with 261 others for grant funding by the Goldhirsh Foundation, which is hoping to jump-start projects that will make L.A. the best place to play, to connect, to live, create and learn by 2050.

UCLA prof gives TV viewers bird's-eye view of climate change

Alex Hall, a professor in UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Institute of Environment and Sustainability, appears in “Years of Living Dangerously,” airing June 2 on Showtime, and explains how climate change will impact our lives.
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