UCLA faculty experts: Politics and elections

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UCLA has experts on campaigns and elections, voter behavior, media coverage of political campaigns and voter demographics. Click an expert's name to find a more detailed biography and contact information.

Lynn Vavreck studies political campaigns, with an emphasis on undecided voters and how candidate behavior and the state of the economy affect voters. She is co-author of the e-book "The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election" which used statistical analysis to chart the effect the economy and other issues have on voters' choices.

Franklin D. Gilliam Jr. studies elections and political campaigns, racial and ethnic politics, the mass media, and voter behavior.

Tim Groeling is an expert on political communications and new media. He is the author of the book "When Politicians Attack: Party Discipline and the Media," which addressed the 2012 campaign and President Obama's prospects for reelection.

Mark Peterson specializes in elections, presidential politics and how the interactions among the presidency, Congress and interest groups affect domestic policy.

Mark Sawyer specializes in racial politics and the role of young voters in local, state and national elections.

Daniel J.B. Mitchell comments regularly on California's economy, labor relations and labor-market issues.