UCLA Public Outreach

Through partnerships with media and outside organizations, we bring UCLA expertise to external audiences

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UCLA Public Outreach works to share the expertise of UCLA's faculty and administration on topics of local, national, and international import with outside audiences. Read about our work below and contact Elizabeth Boatright-Simon, Assistant Director of Public Outreach, with any questions.

The Artists & Athletes Alliance

Our partnership with The Artists & Athletes Alliance, a non-profit that operates at the nexus of Hollywood and the nation’s capital, provides private briefings with UCLA experts and influentials from Washington, DC to members of the Los Angeles entertainment and sports communities. Briefings have covered topics including the earthquake in Haiti, the Egyptian youth uprising, the 2012 race to the White House, decision-making in the Oval Office and the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan.

Zócalo Public Square

The Thinking L.A. partnership launched in 2013 with Zócalo builds on an already strong relationship established over the years. Through online personal essays, discussions and through live events, UCLA sponsors and participates in the debates that matter most to Angelenos, helping to set the agenda for the rest of the nation. Personal essays come from the point of view of writers across the country with unique perspectives on life and issues in Los Angeles and have been syndicated to websites including KPCC.org and Time.com. Live events have included UCLA faculty and alumni discussing a wide range of topics, including "Can the Next President Put Public Universities Back on Top?," "Does Health Propaganda Work?," "The Intellectual Legacy of James Q. Wilson," "The State of L.A.'s Plate" and "How Can We Make Higher Education More Inclusive?" among others. Panels have been moderated by seasoned journalists from the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, The Atlantic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, USA Today, KNBC, KCRW and the Huffington Post.

2013 Economic Impact Report

To help audiences understand the far-reaching impact of the UCLA enterprise, UCLA commissioned Sacramento-based Center for Strategic Economic Research, an economic consulting group, to conduct an economic impact analysis of its operations based on fiscal year 2011-2012. The report measured the impacts within the Southern California region as well as for the entire state. Some key findings were: 1) UCLA is one of the top five employers in Southern California, providing full and part-time employment opportunities to 42,000 people; 2)UCLAís direct economic output ñ which includes employee compensation and all other operating expenditures, as well as student and visitor spending ñ is $5.6 billion. 3) Taking into account the multiplier, or ìripple effect,î which accounts for the demands on suppliers of goods and services and employee spending, UCLA supported an additional 53,000 jobs in the Southern California region, and was responsible for over $12.7 billion in economic activity.

Veterans Initiative

Chancellor Gene Block announced the UCLA veterans initiative in 2013 to raise the visibility of UCLAís programs, research, and services benefitting veterans and to increase the UCLA communityís and publicís understanding of the many challenges and opportunities faced by military personnel transitioning to civilian life. UCLA re-launched its veteransí website to include information about programs, research, and services that benefit veterans, on our campus and off. The half-day forum ìHow Are Veterans Changing America?î included panels on jobs, medicine, and families with experts from UCLA, the Veterans Administration, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Keynote remarks were given by Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq combat veteran. A series of awareness-building events were also held in the week leading up to Veterans Day.

Univision Education Town Hall

UCLA co-sponsored, with Univision Communications and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a televised and webcast education town hall -- part of ìEd˙cate! Es el Momentoî education week -- about unlocking the potential of Latinos, the largest growing demographic in the country. UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Marcelo Su·rez-Orozco, and Director of the UCLA Civil Rights Project Patricia G·ndara participated in the program which drew hundreds of bilingual local high school students, parents, and educators to the campus.

Peace Corps

In March 2011, UCLA attracted more than 1,000 people from all over Southern California and from out of state to Royce Hall for a panel discussion on the future of the Peace Corps, part of a three-day series of events commemorating the volunteer agencyís 50th anniversary. The opening night panel was moderated by former volunteer and MSNBC ìHardballî host Chris Matthews and included then-director Aaron Williams as well as prominent alumni with connections to UCLA and the Peace Corps. Hundreds attended the International Festival in Bruin Plaza, a documentary screening, service activities at the Veterans Home of West Los Angeles, and a UCLA-Peace Corps exhibit in Powell Library.