Neil Garg, professor of chemistry who has been on faculty at UCLA since 2007, has been honored by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with an award for exemplary contributions to education.

The award is given annually to a scientist who encourages effective teaching and learning of biochemistry and molecular biology through his or her own teaching, leadership in education, writing, educational research, mentoring or public enlightenment. Many of Garg’s students have said he is the best professor they have ever had and that he has instilled in them a love of the often-challenging subject of organic chemistry. Among his latest teaching initiatives is a set of interactive online tutorials he has developed that combine real-life examples of organic chemistry, human health and popular culture. Garg calls it BACON — Biology And Chemistry Online Notes — and he has made it available to professors and educators worldwide.

This is not the first time Garg has been honored for his work as an educator. He has received the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching California Professor of the Year, the Royal Society of Chemistry teaching award, and the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching.