Four researchers in computer science in the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have been ranked in the top 100 computer scientists in the United States based on their productivity and influence in the field.

Stan Osher, a professor of mathematics and computer science, electrical engineering and chemical and biomolecular engineering, ranked 39. He is known for his many contributions in shock capturing, level set methods, and PDE-based methods in computer vision and image processing.

Judea Pearl, a professor of computer science, is 92 on the list. Pearl was one of the pioneers of Bayesian networks, and specializes in artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, as well as probabilistic and causal reasoning.

Mani Srivastava, a professor of computer science and electrical engineering, specializes in embedded software, ubiquitous and mobile computing, human-cyber-physical systems, security and privacy, mobile health and energy-aware computing. Srivastava is no. 83.

Lixia Zhang, a professor of computer science, ranked 90. Zhang’s research interests include internet architecture design, network protocol designs, and securing large-scale and open systems. Her early work revolved around her curiosity about network protocol design, but more recently, her interests have shifted more towards internet architecture design