Areas of Expertise:
HIV prevention | HIV/AIDS | LGBT issues | race | ethnicity | body image

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Bianca Wilson is a senior scholar of public policy at the UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute and an expert on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. Her professional experiences include working on HIV prevention with a focus on the needs of young gay, bisexual and questioning males and her research has examined sexual culture among African American lesbians.

Wilson previously served on the Board of Directors of Affinity Community Services, a community-based organization for lesbian and bisexual women of African descent in Chicago. Her work on the intersectionality among African American lesbians with regard to size, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality was included as a chapter in the Fat Studies Reader, an interdisciplinary collection of scholarly work focused on the treatment of size, weight and fat in popular culture, the social sciences, and in the law.

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Rachel Dowd