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AI | technology | social media | ethics in technology

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Michael Karanicolas is executive director of the UCLA Institue for Technology, Law and Policy.

Karanicolas teaches and researches the policy implications of new technologies. His expertise includes:

  • AI, deepfakes, misinformation and the election
  • Social media, content moderation, and freedom of expression
  • News media and the digital transformation, including subsidy programs and the relationship with online platforms
  • Ethics in STEM and ethical challenges for computer scientists and engineers

His work includes published articles focused on content moderation, privacy, artificial intelligence, consumer protection law and administrative law. Karanicolas is quoted regularly by major media outlets on technology policy questions, including NBC News, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, and Voice of America, and has written articles and op-eds in Slate, Just Security, Techdirt and the Columbia Journalism Review.

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