Swahili arts

Fowler Museum at UCLA

Left to right:

Artist unknown (Makonde peoples, Mozambique)
Lipiko mask. Mid-20th century. Wood, pigments. Courtesy of QCC Art Gallery–The City University of New York, Accession no. 13-02-03. Photo: chrisbrownphoto.com

J. P. Fernandes
Ostafrikanische Schönheit, photograph. Ca. pre-1900 (postcard printed ca. 1912). Colored collotype on postcard stock. Collection of Christraud M. Geary

Artist unknown (Swahili peoples, Zanzibar, Tanzania).
Chair of power (kiti cha enzi). 1989. Wood, ivory, string. Fowler Museum at UCLA, X89.367. Photo: Don Cole

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