UCLA hip-hop books


Top left: “Book of Rhymes: The Poetics of Hip Hop” by Adam Bradley; “Rebel Speak: A Justice Movement Mixtape” by Bryonn Bain; “Fighting for Us: Maulana Karenga, the US Organization and Black Cultural Nationalism” by Scot Brown; “Hip Hop Beats, Indigenous Rhymes” by Kyle Mays; and “Rap Music and Street Consciousness” by Cheryl Keyes.

Bottom left: “Spaces of Conflict, Sounds of Solidarity: Music, Race, and Spatial Entitlement in Los Angeles” by Gaye Theresa Johnson; “Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora” by Shana Redmond; “Roc the Mic Right” The Language of Hip Hop Culture” by H. Samy Alim; and “Yo’ Mama’s Dysfuntional! Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America” by Robin Kelley.

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