To relax, he repairs old radios.

His wife’s mother was a high school substitute teacher in Monticello, New York. One of her students? A young Gene Block.

As a boy, he wanted to grow up to be either a pilot or an engineer.

He has a weakness for Yankee Doodle snack cakes.

Jon Stich

As a teenager, he played piano in a band that entertained guests at a resort in the Catskills. He also drove a dairy delivery truck.

He had a ticket to attend Woodstock in 1969, but traffic was so bad that he couldn’t get in. (At least it prepared him for L.A.!)

His go-to karaoke song: “Dead Man’s Curve,” by Jan and Dean. (Who’s starting the petition to hear this at Spring Sing?)

His advice to live by: People don’t always show the courage to act. So when you think it’s important to act — you should.

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