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The Great Bruin Presidential Quiz

What do you know about the No. 1 public university’s relationship to the highest office in the land? It’s time for a UCLA trivia test!

2020: The Year in Pictures

After a year none of us will soon forget, we gathered these UCLA Magazine images to highlight stories from the past 12 months.

Getting Creative

How arts, culture and entertainment will evolve as they recover from the pandemic — and how they will help society heal.

Uniting for the Higher Good

History shows universities like UCLA bring Americans closer together and move our nation forward.

State of Fire

UCLA wildfire research reveals the patterns and future threats of blazes in California — and offers a foundation for how to face the flames.

The Science of Fire and Health

UCLA Magazine looks at how living with wildfires and unbreathable air affects humans, physically and mentally.

The Great Bruin Quiz

Do you think you know UCLA? It’s time to put your knowledge to the test!

Anatomy of a Vaccine

UCLA Magazine speaks with doctors on the front lines who are helping the world combat the deadly virus.

How to Be a Better Boss, Remotely

Samuel Culbert has been studying the world of work for 50 years. He offers 10 tips that will help managers be more effective and thoughtful during the pandemic.

Policy for the People

Sonja Diaz, the founding director of the Latino Policy & Politics Initiative, understands how research can directly result in legislation that serves society’s needs.
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