Latest Stories

Anatomy of a Vaccine

UCLA Magazine speaks with doctors on the front lines who are helping the world combat the deadly virus.

How to Be a Better Boss, Remotely

Samuel Culbert has been studying the world of work for 50 years. He offers 10 tips that will help managers be more effective and thoughtful during the pandemic.

Policy for the People

Sonja Diaz, the founding director of the Latino Policy & Politics Initiative, understands how research can directly result in legislation that serves society’s needs.

What’s Changed for UCLA Athletics?

The world of university sports looks vastly different in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But Bruins have found ways to keep teams together.

Friendship Now

Relationships are tricky, and the pandemic has forced us to interact differently. How do our vital connections survive these stress tests?

Reach Across the Aisle

With the upcoming election, two Bruins who have served in the White House answer questions on how to sidestep partisan enmity.

A Time of Reckoning

UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture’s “10 Questions” explores thought-provoking issues and elicits deep connection.

Policing, Systemic Racism and Human Rights

UCLA School of Law’s E. Tendayi Achiume explains how the U.S. is out of sync with international human rights law — and how we can rectify that.

True Equity

UCLA works to fulfill its commitment to supporting and protecting all members of its community.
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