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Beyond Binary

Bruins have long sought to make UCLA a more inclusive environment for people of all genders and sexual and romantic orientations. Now, those efforts are accelerating.

Buzzworthy Bruins

A campus club seeks to attract and maintain a healthy bee population.

California’s Housing Crisis

UCLA minds across campus are seeking solutions to one problem: How to affordably house all the state’s residents.

A Long Road to a Nobel Prize

When Ardem Patapoutian left Lebanon to study in the U.S., he had no idea that research science could be a career.

Telling the Stories of Climate Change

Although science is the basis of Peter Prengaman’s work as a climate and environmental news director, he always looks for the human angle.

Rap Lyrics as Literature

UCLA scholars teach hip-hop as the most popular form of American contemporary poetry.

2021: The Year in Pictures

Look back at how UCLA Magazine captured many of the year’s brightest, darkest and most inspiring moments.

If This Wall Could Talk

A multigenerational mural lights up UCLA’s new Black Bruin Resource Center.
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