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30 Perfect Songs for Your Summer Road Trip

It's summer, people! A sizzling season of sun and fun awaits. Hop in your ride, put the windows down, turn the volume up. We have just the playlist to accompany you on your journey.

How Westwood Got Its Groove Back

“First Thursdays” — a UCLA event series that brings pedestrian-friendly Broxton Avenue alive — is rekindling the storied L.A. neighborhood’s old magic.

The Suffragent

How Victor Shi took up the crusade to get Gen Z out of apathy and into the voting booth — and became a social media star in the process.

Freedom Writer

As founding editor of the first Latino student magazine at UCLA, Félix J. Gutiérrez lifted the voice of a community. Today, his community is paying it forward.

Fountains of Youth

When it comes to sunny, enthusiastic evangelists for the UCLA experience, you can’t touch the Bruin tour guides. These are their stories.

Name Dropper

David Placek ’75 might be the best product-branding guru on the planet. His secret? Sound symbolism.

It’s All Going Swimmingly

Tapping into her Hawaiian roots, Kalena McElroy ’14 took a deep dive into fashion — and reinvented the bathing suit.

She’ll Give Your Regards to Broadway

About to celebrate a 50-year career on the Great White Way, Judy Kaye, the diva’s diva of New York theater, calls herself “the luckiest girl alive.”

Filling a Need

For some students fleeing war and violence around the world, a safe harbor for their dreams has emerged in an unlikely place: the UCLA School of Dentistry.

A Perfect Union

Saba Waheed has dedicated her life to social justice. As the new director of the UCLA Labor Center, she’s now on the front lines in the fight for workers’ rights.

The Promise of Cameroon

UCLA’s Congo Basin Institute is out to definitively map the African rainforests, a mission that could revolutionize climate science — and just maybe save the planet.

Remembering Bill Walton

Walton, one of the greats of UCLA basketball, died last month. Here, a reflection on his pride in being a Bruin, his intersection with rock ’n’ roll, and his comfort in tea and a good book.

Message Boards

You can tell a lot about a graduate by the display on their cap.

The Road Ahead

During difficult times, it’s important to look at the big picture — including the many ways UCLA continues to thrive.

Happenings for June

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

Happenings for May

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

The Future Is Now

With three key acquisitions, UCLA is laying out a bold new vision for the years ahead.

Poetry in Motion

A forthcoming anthology showcases the genius of UCLA’s master bard.

Building a Portfolio of Hope

Mining her own life for inspiration, Erika Hirugami is turning a spotlight on the beautiful art of undocumented creatives. She’s also changing their lives.

Overcoming the Odds

Recent grad Nilton Serva ’23 tells of his incredible journey from incarcerated youth to proud Bruin — and how coming to Westwood changed his life forever.
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