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Happenings for May

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

The Future Is Now

With three key acquisitions, UCLA is laying out a bold new vision for the years ahead.

Poetry in Motion

A forthcoming anthology showcases the genius of UCLA’s master bard.

Building a Portfolio of Hope

Mining her own life for inspiration, Erika Hirugami is turning a spotlight on the beautiful art of undocumented creatives. She’s also changing their lives.

Overcoming the Odds

Recent grad Nilton Serva ’23 tells of his incredible journey from incarcerated youth to proud Bruin — and how coming to Westwood changed his life forever.

Diving In

Tongva artist Mercedes Dorame ’03 has brought Catalina Island to the Getty, hoping to reaffirm her tribe’s presence — and meaning — in Los Angeles.

Body Language

In a new book, a master of motion explains how he teaches Hollywood to move.

The Gift of Lives

UCLA has become a world leader in organ transplants, giving hope — and many more years — to patients.

From ‘Rags’ to Bruins

How the UCLA mascots have evolved over the years to become the beloved bears we know today.

5 Years, 5 Goals

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Darnell Hunt discusses UCLA’s exciting new five-year Strategic Plan.

Living Between Worlds

Wu Tsang M.F.A. ’10 is one of our most fascinating and talented provocateurs, challenging the very notion of what art is — and what it can be.

The New Frontiers

A series of new property additions will expand UCLA’s ability to serve students and the city of Los Angeles.

No Sweat

A Bruin scientist discovers a radically easy new way to diagnose stress — and do something about it.

The Original L.A. Law

Over its 75-year history, UCLA Law has tackled some of society’s most critical issues. But it’s only getting started.

Happenings for April

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

Happenings for March

A Bruin guide to this month’s most intriguing events at UCLA.

Lessons in Inches and Miles

Coach Wooden created two beloved characters to teach children that they, too, could climb the Pyramid of Success.

The Man, the Myth, the Mentor

How does one forge a deep friendship with a legend? For Valorie Kondos Field, it all started at the UCLA bookstore.

Coach’s Corner

 At the meticulously reconstructed Wooden Den inside the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame, visitors can connect with Coach’s spirit — and get a dose of that old Bruin magic.
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