Life Signs


Advice for Weekend Warriors

If you exercise only occasionally, or have been inactive for a long time, pace yourself to avoid injury.

Honoring Adolescence

Between ages 12 and 24, the brain undergoes tremendous change and is primed for innovative thinking.

Breaking the Bad

Most people in recovery got help because someone was honest with them. But how do you approach those sensitive conversations?

Mental Crossfit

Dr. Gary Small ’73 of the UCLA Longevity Center offers pointers for staying mentally fit.

Losing for Two

If you’ve struggled with your weight and can’t seem to stick to any workout plan, you’re not alone — and that’s exactly the point that most people miss.

Life Signs: Coping Mechanism

A growing body of evidence links the ability to be resilient in the face of life’s stresses with success and happiness.

Shop Till You Stop

Here are some tips to determine if you or a loved one has a shopping problem, why it’s no laughing matter, and what to do about it.

Pay Attention

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — ADHD — gets a lot of bad press. But it’s no illusion, and it isn’t a smokescreen for bad parenting.

Don’t Play Hurt

Weekend warriors and weekday lunch lifters have a pretty decent chance of getting injured. Here are three keys to keeping your physical health on track.
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