UCLA wins Water Efficiency Project of the Year

UCLA’s extensive water-saving program garnered the Water Efficiency Project of the Year award, presented by the environmentally focused organization the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge at its third annual Innovation Awards ceremony.

Oroville Dam crisis could be sign of things to come

Professor Alex Hall’s research shows that, as temperatures warm in the Sierra Nevada, a deluge could overwhelm California’s patchwork network of dams and reservoirs that currently supplies 60 percent of the state's water.

A problem: water and inequality

The drought is highlighting disparities in the price of water that vary widely, depending on who is supplying it in this archaic and complex water delivery system serving Southern California.

Chilling climate revelations from the last ice age

New research shows that a collapse of an ice sheet 14,000 years ago in what is now western Canada triggered a reorganization of the jet stream in a century — a geological blink of an eye.
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