Los Angeles


The Impressionist

Karen Mack believes the solution to what ails Los Angeles can be found at the intersection of art and civics.

The View From Above

UCLA houses one of the most comprehensive archives of aerial photography in the world. Now, a new website is bringing these majestic images to the masses.

Born In Boyle Heights

For decades, this East Los Angeles enclave has sent students to UCLA, while university scholars have added to the understanding of the community’s diverse history.

No Longer Alone

When it comes to life-changing mental health services, underserved communities have often been the hardest to reach. The DMH + UCLA Partnership is changing that.

Thursday Night Lights

At “Neon Nights,” more than 5,000 UCLA students, staff, alumni and members of the local community gathered for the monthly “First Thursdays” event.

California’s Housing Crisis

UCLA minds across campus are seeking solutions to one problem: How to affordably house all the state’s residents.
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