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Luskin prof's research is highlighted in White House report

Research on incarceration in the United States by UCLA Luskin public policy professor Michael Stoll figures prominently in a newly released report on criminal justice reform by the White House Council of Economic Advisors. 

Friends of the court

With an impressive string of cited amicus briefs and appellate litigation appearances, UCLA Law faculty members are making an impact on important issues.

There’s a difference between riots and rebellion

Dismissing unrest in America’s cities as aimless violence overlooks the roots of people’s anger, according to the panelists at a UCLA-Zócalo event examining the history of urban resistance.

Prison sentencing: Politics vs. results

UCLA professor Michael Stoll chronicles shift from getting tough on crime with policies like mandatory minimum sentences to smarter approaches to crime and punishment.

UCLA faculty voice: Baltimore and the language of change

History professor Robin D.G. Kelley writes that claiming rioters are sabotaging “legitimate” efforts to bring about racial and social justice mistakenly presupposes that “legitimate” efforts have been working.

Feb. 23: Advancing Policing Equality

The UCLA Law School in conjunction with the Healthy Campus Initiative and many student groups will present "From Healing to Action: Advancing Policing Equality" on Feb. 23 at 6 p.m. in the UCLA School of Law, room 1347.

A slave no more

Carissa Phelps, who received her M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson School and J.D. from UCLA School of Law, was once a victim of human trafficking and is now an author and advocate for those forced into the sex trades.
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