UCLA students as well as tech lovers and industry entrepreneurs came together Thursday to learn about and discuss the latest developments in wearable devices, virtual reality, robotics, connected cars and the Internet of Things at UCLA Anderson’s inaugural Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

Coinciding with the blockbuster CES going on this week in Las Vegas,  Anderson’s CES, which was free and open to the public, highlighted some of the newest emerging technologies in discussion panels, keynote speeches and exhibits outside Gold Hall. Tech executives and industry insiders as well as Ph.D. students and faculty from UCLA talked about the challenges and opportunities posed by devices like Google Glass, smart devices that monitor your health and virtual reality headsets.

Exhibitors at Anderson's Consumer Electronics Show explain the robotic hand under development in the UCLA Biomechatronics Lab.

“With the growing interest in technology, the need for learning about emerging technologies through developments on campus and in the industry through startups and large global corporations has become significant,” said Guillaume Roels, Anderson associate professor in decisions, operations, and technology management and faculty director of the Easton Technology Leadership Program, which hosted the event in association with student-run High Tech Business Association.

“Students with technical and non-technical backgrounds have been successfully transitioning into the technology sector and are eager to learn about the latest consumer technology developments across various industries,” Roels said.

The event showcased various new prototypes, such as plug-and-play devices for connected autos, robots, vests embedded with sensors to help the visually challenged, electrical vehicle charging stations and other emerging technologies. Among the exhibitors were Microsoft, Telescope, Clucid, Inc., GI Logic, Wearsens, Inc., Omnimmerse, UCLA Wireless Health Institute, UCLA SmartGrid and UCLA Biomechatronics. 

Popular among Anderson students, the Easton Technology Leadership Program aims to develop technology leaders through academic excellence and industry exposure.