Mom still matters, UCLA psychologists report

The psychologists demonstrate for the first time that when forced to choose between a parent and a close friend on a decision with financial consequences, young adults are more likely to choose the parent.

What does it mean to be moved by love?

An emotion called ‘kama muta’ is typically accompanied by moist eyes or tears, chills or goosebumps, a warm feeling in the body, a feeling of exhilaration and a motivation to help others.

Don’t multitask while you read this

Divided attention does impair memory, but a UCLA study found that people can still selectively focus on what is most important — even while they’re distracted.

May 15: Join a community conversation about mental illness

“Stigma — Lead the Change,” presented in partnership with the nonprofit organization Bring Change 2 Mind, will include presentations from three internationally known mental health experts, who will explore the current challenges and opportunities within the community, on college campuses and beyond.

UCLA marketing prof probes what will make you happier

Cassie Mogilner Holmes has been exploring the relationship between happiness, time and money for almost a decade. She’s looked deeply into such intriguing questions as: Does the meaning of happiness change as people age?
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