computer science


Solving big data’s ‘fusion’ problem

The research could improve scientists’ ability to understand health care, economics and the environment, and to glean much more pertinent insight from data.

Help UCLA Chancellor Gene Block develop an app

UCLA students can now compete for a chance to assist UCLA Chancellor Gene Block with developing his idea into a mobile application that will use voice and speech recognition to analyze and improve the dynamics of group interactions.

Humanoid nature

With 12 research groups pursuing cutting-edge work, UCLA is already a leader in robotics research and education. The university's ambition is to build one of the great robotics programs in the world.

From brick to marble: Did Augustus Caesar really transform Rome?

Intrigued by the question of whether Augustus Caesar transformed Rome from a city of bricks into a city of marble, as legend has it, UCLA professor Diane Favro decided to use advanced modeling software to reconstruct Rome at the time of his reign.

UCLA physicians use Google Glass to teach surgery abroad

UCLA surgeon Dr. David Chen and surgical resident Dr. Justin Wagner have made it their mission to teach hernia surgery around the world and are using Google Glass as a training tool to watch procedures and comment in real time.
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