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UCLA has experts on campaigns and elections, voter behavior, media coverage of political campaigns and voter demographics. Click an expert’s name to find a more detailed biography and contact information.


Lynn Vavreck

Vavreck is a professor of political science, and an expert on political campaigns, with an emphasis on undecided voters and how candidate behavior and the state of the economy affect voters. She is a regular contributor to the New York Times data-driven politics and policy blog “The Upshot” and co-authored the “The Gamble: Choice and Chance in the 2012 Presidential Election.”

Matt Barreto

Barreto is a professor of political science and Chicana and Chicano studies and an expert on Latino voting patterns and how racial and ethnic minorites participate in politics in the United States. Barreto, who has been retained by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to conduct research and polling on Latino voters, is also an expert on voting rights.

Tim Groeling

Groeling is a professor of communication studies and an expert on political communications and new media. He is the author of the book “When Politicians Attack: Party Discipline and the Media,” which addressed the 2012 campaign and President Obama’s prospects for reelection.

Lorrie Frasure-Yokley

Frasure-Yokley is an associate professor of political science and an expert in racial and ethnic politics and voting behavior patterns.

Mark Peterson

Peterson is a professor of public policy who specializes in elections, presidential politics and how the interactions among the presidency, Congress and interest groups affect domestic policy.

Juliet Williams

Williams is a professor of gender studies and an expert on gender roles in politics and feminist theory.

Edward Walker

Walker is an associate professor of sociology, and an expert on social movements and political lobbying by business interests, having researched how corporations have adopted grassroots organizing practices, as well as the ways that social movement groups and community organizations challenge companies, governments, and other institutions.

Zev Yaroslavsky

Yaroslavsky is director of the Los Angeles Initiative at UCLA Luskin and an authority on California state politics and government, having served 40 years as an elected official.

Jim Newton

Newton is a former longtime journalist at the L.A. Times and lecturer in public policy and communications studies. The founding editor-in-chief of UCLA Blueprint magazine is an expert on Los Angeles and California government and politics, as well as media coverage of campaigns.

Daniel J.B. Mitchell

Mitchell comments regularly on California’s economy, labor relations and labor-market issues.


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