The UCLA Technology Development Group’s 10th annual MedTech Partnering Conference will explore, among other topics, how data analytics is revolutionizing professional and college sports and will highlight the latest advances in digital health.

The conference showcases new developments, devices and technologies supporting the medical industry and brings together inventors, researchers, scientists and industry executives to help further innovations in medicine, research and technology. This year’s event, held in partnership with MedTech Innovator, is part of the larger #LAMedTechWeek.

“It’s fascinating to see how technologies such as artificial intelligence and data impact current developments of medical technology,” said Dina Lozofsky, director of the UCLA Technology Development Group. “All the research and work that goes into the betterment of patient care is at the core of this industry, and Southern California is a hotbed for this innovation. I hope you can join us for this milestone event so you can see in person where medtech is headed.”


Participants will learn about industry trends and the latest medical technology developments both at UCLA and within the broader Los Angeles ecosystem. Conference highlights include:

  • Sportstech: How Medtech and Data Are Revolutionizing the Sports Industry
    Joshua Goldman, assistant clinical professor in the division of sports medicine at UCLA Health; Jay Porterfield, a performance scientist with the Los Angeles Clippers; and Leslie Saxon, executive director of USC Body Computing will discuss how data are used to improve performance and will speak about the future of sportstech.

  • Swab-Seq COVID-19 Diagnostic Technology
    Eleazar Eskin, chair of the department of computational medicine at UCLA, will explain the development of Swab-Seq test kits from bench to vending machine.

  • Digital Health Industry Evolution: Zero to Hero to ??
    Venture capitalist investor Lisa Suennen of Venture Valkyrie will provide an overview of the burgeoning digital health industry.


Tuesday, March 8, 9:30 a.m.–7 p.m.


UCLA Luskin Conference Center (directions available here)


Complimentary registration is available for members of the media with credentials. On-site interviews are available. 


Marivi Valcourt, marketing manager, UCLA Technology Development Group
Call or text 310-569-1764