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The Bruin World Tour

No matter where you go around the globe, chances are there’s someone there who knows the eight-clap.

12 Hungry Bruins

At Dinners for 12 Strangers, guests arrive as mutual unknowns but depart as friends, with a new appreciation for the ties that bind the UCLA family.

In Living Color

Justina Blakeney ’01 turned a passion for all things bold, bright and beautiful into a home design empire. At UCLA, she found artful inspiration for her creative journey.

The Issue That’s Tearing Us Apart

UCLA’s new Initiative to Study Hate represents a critical effort to root out what’s causing the alarming rise in hate across the country — and what we can do to stop it.

How Novel!

How UCLA became a cool setting for a new crop of fiction.

Is Kindness Contagious?

UCLA’s Bedari Kindness Institute wanted to find out if kindness is contagious. The answer may surprise you.

The Storyteller

With Bruin blood running through his veins, Walter Thompson-Hernández is bringing amazing chronicles to the world, one medium at a time.

The Polarized Express

The ideal of respectful political discussions seems more out of reach than ever. How we can rekindle the art of meaningful dialogue.

The Music Man

From the Count Basie Orchestra to BTS, Duane Benjamin is bringing a jazzy sensibility to modern music.

The Secret Garden

Chancellor Franklin Murphy looked at a gravel parking lot and saw a vision: verdant, landscaped sculpture grounds at UCLA.

One Step at a Time

Students living on the Hill face the daunting challenge of ascending staircases with names like the “Death Stairs” on their journeys to and from campus.

The War We Must Win

The new UCLA Initiative to Study Hate is tackling an audacious mission: eradicating bigotry and discrimination from American life.

A Dried-up Idea

In a new documentary, a UCLA professor says L.A. needs to rethink its relationship with water.

The Other Jackie Robinson

A new biography explores the forgotten legacy of Kenny Washington, the Bruin who broke the color barrier in the NFL.

An Animated Life

A new biography pays homage to a brilliant master of anime.

Spinning a New Web

The federal government knows its web services are in desperate need of ingenuity. Is it any surprise it turned to three Bruins for help?

The Alchemist

Aparna Bhaduri is leading the fight against the deadliest form of cancer.

Yes, It’s Their Business

The new “Bruin Business 100” showcases the ingenuity — and entrepreneurial spirit — of a wide swath of alumni.
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