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The Alchemist

Aparna Bhaduri is leading the fight against the deadliest form of cancer.

Yes, It’s Their Business

The new “Bruin 100” showcases the ingenuity — and entrepreneurial spirit — of a wide swath of alumni.

Star Trek

A laser-powered mini-rocket could find humans a new home.

Fostering Success

Demontea Thompson and his twin brother are both foster care success stories. Now, through his research at UCLA, Demontea hopes to raise graduation rates for foster youth.

The Impressionist

Karen Mack believes the solution to what ails Los Angeles can be found at the intersection of art and civics.

High Anxiety

We are living through one of the most stressful periods in American history. The Semel Institute’s Margaret Distler offers ways to cope.

Good Sports

A rundown of heroes who once competed in the blue and gold — and are now letting their mouths do the running.

This Magic Moment

Relive the electric, enthralling experience of “I got in!” through eight incoming Bruins and their inspiring stories.

The Bruin Pioneers

For first-generation students, being admitted to UCLA is proof that if you can dream it, you can do it.

Love Among the Ruins

UCLA archaeologists Giorgio Buccellati and his wife, Marilyn, have traveled together on a 60-year journey that led them to the hidden treasures of a lost city in Syria.

To the Rescue

Since 2017, the Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award has honored those who are bringing bold ideas and energy in the fight to save the planet.

The View From Above

UCLA houses one of the most comprehensive archives of aerial photography in the world. Now, a new website is bringing these majestic images to the masses.

By Any Other Name …

It just simply wouldn’t be the Rose Bowl. Here, a valentine to an icon as it turns 100.

Band Together

How the UCLA Bruin Marching Band instruments spend the summer.

The Story of Us

One of UCLA’s most renowned artists unveils her crowning achievement.

World Warrior

Rethinking the frontiers of international criminal law, Kate Mackintosh is finding new ways to bring war criminals to justice.
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