UCLA Earth, planetary and space sciences professor An Yin has received the 2022 Penrose Medal from the Geological Society of America for applying his tectonic and geophysical observations to help understand how planetary lithospheres form and deform. The award, established in 1927, recognizes eminent research in pure geology.

Yin studies fault mechanics, fault kinematics, dynamic processes of intra-continental deformation, including the tectonic evolution of major orogenic systems on North America and Asia. His tectonic reconstruction of the Indo-Asian collision has been the starting point of geological research in that region for over 25 years.

He is currently working on problems related to planetary processes, including the tectonics of rocky and icy satellites, tectonics of terrestrial planets, formation of geological features on Mars and Pluto. Yin has been a professor of geology at UCLA since 1987.