The Hanoolim Korean Cultural Awareness Group will present Korean Culture Night on Thursday, April 13, at Royce Hall from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. This year’s production, "세월: A Passing of Time", invites the audience into the lives of seven high school students and their families, who experienced a devastating incident. Three years ago, the sinking of the Sewol Ferry united all of Korea in a grim and solemn time of waiting and hoping, but ultimately the disaster claimed over 300 lives. This year's production will honor their memory.  

Korean Culture Night began as a small talent show at UCLA and has grown to the largest student-run Korean production in the United States. The show has now been running for 25 years and celebrates both the traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture. Korean Culture Night will showcase Poongmool, B-Boy, modern dance, and fan dance. KCN provides the opportunity for Korean American students of various backgrounds and affiliations to come together with one purpose: to spread awareness of both Korean traditional culture and contemporary Korean American culture.

You can find more information here. Tickets for UCLA students are available at the Central Ticketing Office, and tickets for non-UCLA students can be reserved here.