Barbara Kruger, distinguished professor of art in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture and internationally renowned conceptual artist, has joined 47 other artists to redesign the iconic “I Voted” sticker to highlight the the importance of civic engagement during the 2020 election.

The stickers were created in collaboration with the organization I am a voter, a nonpartisan group that advocates for civic engagement. The designs, which also include versions by artists Amy Sherald and Shepard Fairey, among others, are featured on a series of four covers for New York magazine’s Oct 26 issue; each copy will include a peelable sticker sheet.

In addition, 500,000 stickers will be distributed for free at various retail locations, book stores, nonprofit organizations and museums across the country. The stickers will also be available at official polling sites like the Hammer Museum at UCLA, the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

Kruger is known for her distinctive image and text pieces and has been active in a range of fields, including video and audio installation, photography, sculpture, architecture, and graphic design as well as in critical writing, curatorship, and various forms of public advocacy. In 2005, Kruger was included in The Experience of Art at the Venice Biennale and was the recipient of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.