Juli Feigon, a distinguished professor of biochemistry, has been selected to receive the Biophysical Society’s 2019 Founders Award; the award is presented for outstanding research achievements in biophysics.

Feigon will be recognized for her “courageous and creative work in the structural biology of DNA and RNA … and recent landmark studies on the structure and function of the telomerase complex,” according to the society. She will be honored at the society’s annual meeting in Baltimore on March 5, 2019.

“Juli has consistently carried out outstanding work in structural biology of DNA and RNA and nucleic acid/protein complexes and we are excited to celebrate her contributions to our field,” said Angela Gronenborn, president of the Biophysical Society.

Feigon and her research team reported in the journal Cell this May the deepest scientific understanding yet of an important and once-mysterious enzyme called telomerase, whose catalytic core — where most of its activity occurs — can now be seen in near atomic resolution. Cancer, diseases related to aging and other illnesses are closely tied to telomerase.

She is a member of UCLA’s Molecular Biology Institute, the California NanoSystems Institute and currently holds the Christopher Foote Term Chair in the UCLA College.