Candice Lin, assistant professor of art, has been awarded the Berlin Prize for fall 2021 by the American Academy in Berlin.

Lin will be working on a new installation of talismanic objects that emanate scent. Playing with ideas of language, translation and mistranslation, and rituals of healing and protection, the installation uses materials such as textiles, incense, copper and silver to ask questions about our personal and global entanglements.

Lin’s practice utilizes installation; drawing; video; and living processes such as mold, plants, mushrooms, bacteria, fermentation and stains. Lin draws from multiple disciplines to unearth largely forgotten or disregarded histories of colonization and violence and to visualize what has been marginalized or lost, looking at physical material, such as porcelain or cochineal, for new ways to understand racialized, sexualized and gendered narratives about contamination, authenticity and mattering. At UCLA, Lin teaches graduate and undergraduate students across disciplines.

The Berlin Prize is awarded annually to American or U.S.-based scholars, writers, composers and artists who represent the highest standards of excellence in their fields. The fellows spend a semester at the academy’s lakeside Hans Arnhold Center in Berlin, where they pursue a wide array of scholarly and artistic projects.