Dr. Henry Takei, distinguished clinical professor of periodontics at the UCLA School of Dentistry, was recently awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon from the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles. He received the award for promoting academic exchange between Japan and the U.S. and helping develop the field of periodontics in Japan.

Takei has been a faculty member at the dental school since 1967 and just recently retired from private practice. For the past 46 years, he lectured extensively throughout the world and traveled annually to teach periodontics to dental students and practicing dentists in Japan.

During his tenure at UCLA, Takei was instrumental in creating a robust international knowledge exchange with Meikai University and Asahi University. Starting in 1997, under Takei’s guidance, the three universities have grown a successful continuing dental education program.

Prior to this, in 1993, Takei helped create the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Cultural Student Exchange Program, which provides the opportunity for 10 UCLA dental students and two faculty members to visit Meikai/Asahi Universities for 10 days in the spring and the Japanese students visit UCLA in the fall. Nearly 400 students and faculty have benefitted from this experience, which have led to lifetime academic and personal relationships. The program continues in perpetuity because of an endowed gift from Dr. Susumu Miyata Endowment for Educational and Cultural Exchange.

Clinically, Takei has been honored with the coveted “Master Clinician Award” presented by the American Academy of Periodontology for demonstrating consistent clinical excellence in periodontics. He has been a consultant to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles as well as the Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry.