The public is invited to attend a free two-day conference organized by the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migration. The conference will be held in Haines Hall rooms 279 and 352 and it begins at 9 a.m. both days.

The conference is an opportunity for junior-level immigration scholars to share drafts of their research and writing projects and elicit feedback from one another as well as the community of migration scholars at UCLA. The conference will consist of workshops, with comments by senior immigration scholars at UCLA, as well as two conference-wide panel sessions.  

Commentators include:
            Ingrid Eagly, UCLA School of Law
            Laurie Kain Hart, department of anthropology
            Ruben Hernandez-Leon, department of sociology
            Randall Kuhn, department of community health sciences
            Hiroshi Motomura, UCLA School of Law
            Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Sciences
            Roger Waldinger, department of sociology

The conference will also feature two plenary sessions. The first, on Feb. 15, will focus on Hiroshi Motomura’s new book project, “The New Migration Law: A Roadmap for an Uncertain Future,” with comments by Sameer Ashar, professor of law, and Margaret Peters,  associate professor of political science.

The second, on Feb. 16, will feature “A Conversation on Refugee Flows and Human Rights,” with Karida Brown, assistant professor of sociology; Anne Gilliland, professor of information studies; Cecilia Menjívar, professor of sociology; and Michael Rodriguez, professor of family medicine. The panel will be moderated by Chiara Galli and Estefanía Castaneda Perez, graduate students in sociology and political science, respectively.