Five UCLA faculty members have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society for its class of 2016. Recipients are nominated by professional peers and selected by the Society. The honor recognizes “exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise,” such as outstanding physics research, important applications of physics, leadership in or service to physics and significant contributions to physics education.

Andrea Bertozzi, professor of mathematics, director of applied mathematics and the Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity, is recognized for her seminal work on thin film fluid analysis and modeling, contributions to the understanding of vorticity and incompressible flow, experimentation on particle laden-free surface flow and application of fluid models to biological and technological problems.

Subramanian Iyer, professor of electrical engineering and the Charles P. Reames Chair in Electrical Engineering, is cited for his contributions to the commercialization of semiconductor and packaging technology products.

Jianwei "John" Miao, professor of physics and astronomy, is recognized for his pioneering contributions to the development of diffractive imaging methods for characterizing a wide range of material systems and a general electron tomography method for three-dimensional imaging of crystal defects at atomic resolution.

Pietro Musumeci, professor of physics and astronomy, is cited for his pioneering work in the physics of high brightness beams, including ultrafast relativistic electron diffraction, and high gradient inverse free electron laser acceleration.

Mason Porter, professor of mathematics, is recognized for making fundamental contributions to the development of new methods and applications in complex networks, including novel measures and techniques for the analysis of multilayer interconnected systems, and for work in nonlinear waves in granular crystals, optical media, and atomic Bose-Einstein condensates.