Julieta Gil, a design media arts lecturer in the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture, has won the Lumen Gold Award for Art and Technology for her work “Nuestra Victoria/Our Victory.”

The piece documents of one of the many protests globally which have sought to reassert the voices of those marginalized and disenfranchised by those in power both historically and today. This is the first time that the award has been presented to a work rooted in protest. Gil will receive $4,000 for her achievement.

Submitted as a still image, the work derives from a meticulous documentation of the Angel of Independence, a landmark of Mexico City, after protests against systemic violence towards women erupted last August. By using a 3-D capturing technique called photogrammetry, the project intends to create a digital archive of the monument in its state of occupation by civil society. Hours after the protest, government censorship prevented people from seeing the Angel of Independence by boarding it up and immediately working on its restoration, thus erasing all the claims against violence that were posted by women all over the monument. This work allows the words and actions of protest to remain in our collective memory.

On her work, Gil commented to the Lumen jury panel that “The intention was not to make a perfect replica, but to also allow the materiality of this digital version to show through and reveal new layers of information about its process of preservation and restoration, and allow the mistakes and imperfections of the scan to serve as a metaphor for the fragility of patriarchal institutions.”