Editor’s note: This story has been published again now that the event has been rescheduled.

Are there two better Bruins to talk about the value and importance of coaching and leadership than former coaches Sue Enquist and Valorie Kondos Field?

During her 36 years on campus, Enquist was an All-American and national champion as player and then later became the coach, leading the team to more national championships than any coach in NCAA softball history. Additionally, as an administrator she co-developed the Wooden Leadership Academy within UCLA Athletics. 

Kondos Field, who retired as head coach of the women’s gymnastics team in 2019, led her athletes to seven NCAA championships, 22 regional championships, and 18 Pac-12 conference shampionships. 

On Tuesday, June 30, the two legends will pair up in the launch of a new webinar series called “Critical Conversations: Transformative Coaching and Leadership,” which is presented by the newly formed UCLA Transformative Coaching & Leadership Academy. The academy is an initiative of the education department within the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.

“We are honored to host these conversations and thankful to Sue Enquist for initiating them,” says Christina “Tina” Christie, who serves as chair of the UCLA Department of Education. “In so many ways, they further the mission and goals of the Transformative Coaching & Leadership Academy, the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, and UCLA.”

Arif Amlani, director of program development at the school, said that the aims of the academy are inspired by the legacy of former UCLA men’s basketball coach John Wooden — who began his career as an English teacher and saw coaching as teaching. 

“Coach Wooden emphasized the cultivation of the person, first and foremost, especially the cultivation of individual character,” Amlani said. “He emphasized the value of such traits as industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation and enthusiasm. These he saw as the building blocks and the foundations of success in sports and more generally, in life. 

“In a similar spirit, the academy seeks to cultivate and develop the whole person, the individual human being. The focus is on building a strong personal foundation, rooted in cherished human virtues and the fulfillment of individual potential in all its richness. The mission of the UCLA Transformative Coaching & Leadership Academy is to transform coaching from an exclusive focus on winning to the cultivation of the total person through sport. Its professional development goal includes educating the next generation of coaches who will promote personal development as well as performance excellence.”

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