Kristen Choi, assistant professor of nursing and public health, and Yuzhang Li, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, have been selected to Forbes 30 Under 30 list for health care and science, respectively.

Choi, 28, was recognized for her work in mental health policy for vulnerable and adolescent populations, and Li, 29, was recognized for his research on developing safer next-generation batteries.

As a child/adolescent psychiatric nurse and health services researcher, Choi studies health services and policy approaches to behavioral health, trauma and violence among childhood experiences. Her current research projects include studies on autism spectrum disorder, adverse childhood experiences, the impact of trauma and violence on nurses, and health system factors associated with firearm violence.

Li’s lab is dedicated to finding new materials to enable portable and reliable sources of electricity using next-generation batteries. His research captured the first atomic photos of growths in batteries, which can lead to fires. This has helped guide ways to make safer and better batteries. He has also developed a patent pending way to use graphene to improve battery stability, which has been commercially licensed.